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The Activ8me Hub Series

All-in-One Solutions for Remote Broadband Requirements

Dedicated Hubs with specific features for businesses, communities, commercial and portable use-cases.

The Activ8me Hub Series are designed and built in-house.

They offer unique data and network management solutions for a variety of use-cases. They have been designed with advanced functionality but built for ease-of-use.

The range consists of four models, developed with different features for different sectors and uses.

The Hub Series

Business Hub

Business Hub


Advanced business networking features, three-segmented networks for business, personal and public use with auxiliary feature add-ons

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Commercial Hub

Commercial Hub


An all-in-one device to provide wide-ranging hotspot connectivity to large worksites, with support for a high number of concurrent users

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Community Hub

Community Hub


Public internet connectivity for remote communities with for phone and solar-powered, off-the-grid self-sufficiency

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Portable Hub

Portable Hub


Establish broadband connections in remote places at a moment’s notice for short term projects or emergencies

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Hub Series Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart highlighting the features of each Hub with a standard router for comparison:

Business features Standard Router Activ8me Business Hub Activ8me Commercial Hub Activ8me Community Hub
- Separate networks for: Business, Private and Public
- Router hardware to support network segregation 1 3 2 1
- Configured to offer public Wi-Fi for Staff and Guests
- Business network prioritised (highest speed)
- All networks distributed as external Wi-Fi hotspots 1 3 1 1
- Internal Wi-Fi networks 1 SSID 3 SSID Hardware Required Hardware Required
Public WiFi Network
- Open Access
- Limited Pins configuration
- Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) data Pins
- Content Filtering
Buy Data blocks
**up to the remaining available dish allowance

Up to 5 x 1GB p/m

20GB, 30GB & 40GB blocks
- Peak/Off Peak
- Anytime Datak
- Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 192x134x31 165x155x55 802.2x602.2x1710
- Solar/Battery (Central Communication)
- Remote Repeater Towers
- Solar/Battery (Remote Repeat Towers)
- Number of Repeat Towers hub can support 0 2 ≥ 2 ≥ 2
- Number of Ports/Satellite Dish 1 2 3 2

Find the Activ8me Hub Series Solution for You

We are here to help tailor a solution to your business needs.

Reach out to our industry experts today to have us work with you to deliver a solution that meets your unique business requirements.

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