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Portable Satellite Roadshow, Canberra 25 November

EVENTS NEWS 20 November 2020

Vehicle-Mounted Satellite Internet Service Demonstration

With the reopening of the Victorian border, Activ8me Business Services will be taking their portable mobility solution on the road. Launched this year, our Comms-on-the-Pause satellite internet service offers business-grade internet and unlimited data, anywhere.

Travelling from our Melbourne headquarters, we will be travelling through New South Wales to Canberra, demonstrating the technology to both new and existing clients.

Our vehicle-mounted satellite solution allows for unlimited data anywhere in regional, rural and remote Australia with easy setup and transport.

The simplicity of the solution will be a key feature on display:

With auto-aligning satellite dishes, the service is easy to set up and get operational in a matter of moments.

With various form factors (the solution can be vehicle-mounted, portable case or bespoke -where our R&D team develop one for your requirements) the applications for the service are practically limitless.

Preferred Supplier to Government

A key purpose of the roadshow will be to demonstrate our portable solution’s applicability for Government and the public sector. Activ8me has a long and proud track record of working with Federal government bodies and agencies.

The portable service has great potential for use by emergency services teams, government bodies and agencies operating in regional, rural and remote Australia.

Activ8me will be in Canberra demonstrating the vehicle-mounted solution to interested public sector agencies and government bodies later this month.

Book a Demonstration in Canberra, Nov 25.

Activ8me Business Services has a limited number of remaining spots to demonstrate the service during our roadshow in Canberra.

We can provide an on-site, live demonstration to give potential customers a better understanding of the solutions features and benefits.

We can also provide insight into how the solution can be adapted to meet your unique operational requirements.

To arrange a demonstration, contact Scott Cogley, Corporate Solutions Manager of Activ8me Business Services at or by making an enquiry through our website.

Arrange an On-Site Demonstration

Our portable service is not only for government, but private enterprise as well.

If you’re interesting in an on-site demonstration of the technology, we may be able to stop by.

Contact Activ8me Business Services’ to discuss the potential of seeing the service in action for yourself.

Contact Activ8me Business Services to learn more.


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Portable Satellite Roadshow, Canberra 25 November

With the reopening of the Victorian border, Activ8me Business Services will be taking their portable mobility solution on the road.
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