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Satellite Internet Helping protect Endangered Turtles

A project to help save the world's largest nesting site for thousands of green sea turtles has been bolstered with satellite broadband connectivity by Activ8me.

Satellite Internet Helpingprotect Endangered Turtles

Raine Island, on the remote northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, is the nesting site for around 60,000 green turtles every year.

With the island's role as a turtle sanctuary in danger of collapse, a team of scientists have been researching and managing the island as part of the Raine Island Recovery Project.

Working on the island, classed as ‘seriously remote', is logistically difficult. There is no accommodation on the island and weather conditions can be harsh and unpredictable.

Previously, data collection methods were basic; researchers relied on clipboards and cameras, and with a with a sporadic, weak internet connection, researchers couldn't be confident in the data's reliability.

Investigating a better way to manage the project, the Raine Island Recovery Project brought in Australia's largest satellite broadband and registered nbn™ service provider, Activ8me, knowing the company had experience connecting Australia's remote and harsh environments.

Activ8me developed a solution combining the nbn™ Sky Muster™ service with solar and battery-powered hardware, linking the communication system with the project's internal network, and adding a redundancy system.

"Connecting Raine Island is an important example of how Activ8me can provide reliable voice and data connections in remote and harsh environments - Tony Bundrock, Activ8me Chairman"

After just six months in operation, Activ8me's satellite internet infrastructure has transformed the way the researchers work.

"Not only can they collect data and footage from different locations around the island, they can also remotely manage equipment and the way it collects data without having to revisit the island to adjust it," says Activ8me Chief Technology Officer, Robert Gallesio.

Satellite Internet Helpingprotect Endangered TurtlesAustralian owned and operated Activ8me writes its own software in Australia and uses Australian hardware to create infrastructure solutions wherever possible.

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